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you're right I think

Originally Posted by PoiuyWired View Post
Hmmm... Tinkerbell True Sith...

Well, from what I remember, the dark jedis of the 2nd schism took command of the True Sith people, became their leader and god, and interbreed(ack... them girls are ugly) with them. So in a way most True Sith believe is a version of the Sith Code. Now, that is not necessarily a bad thing either. The problem is that most True Sith are killed off, the republic pulls a genocide on Korriban, or something like that. The rest are probably scattered in small pockets around the galaxy, probably where few people come into contact. Now there is that one planet where you may find the True Sith civilization...
I think you are exactly right. Revan is trying to overthrow the true sith empire (the true sith are oppressing lots of indigenous people maybe) and you help revan create a democracy, or use him to install yourself as new Dark Lord
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