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I took this week to research UHC and CHC. I've come to the conclusion that both systems have pros and cons to them. I believe national pride makes a difference or can in your decision of which system you prefer. I believe it also depends on what you people feel is best for your own countries.

As an American living in the U.S. I'm content with our CHC. As a person with Goldenhar's syndrome I'm well pleased with the care I've received through our Private health care system.

Below is the link. What it will take you to are a list of articles. Depending on who's writing each person will present what they think are the pros and cons of each system. This is just one link. I believe this shows how much info on both systems is out on the internet. I say make your own decisions. I believe both sides of the coin those that prefer UHC and CHC have the right to give sources, stick with their opinions no matter what, and believe the way they want without fear of retribution.

Here's the link:

I also would like to apologize to Jonathan and the other mods. Your right I was wrong in my conduct. With Goldenhar's my sight issues make it difficult to research and read heavily. The source I was given (e-mailed) by my father. Again I apologize. There's so few of the differing opinion on here I think it's my duty to pick up the slack.

Anyway, in the end I believe anyone can speak eloquently enough to discredit, spin, and think the way they want even about facts. So I will not try to convince you. I know what I believe about UHC and CHC. And I have every right to stick to it as you do too.

In the future I would like those to understand though you may disagree with me please do not attack me over my views on poverty and such. I hate no one here. Though you may not like me I like each and everyone of you. I felt I needed to say this. So please let's not make a big deal of it though it doesn't totally fit with the topic.

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