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So some people don't want Canderour as a party member, what if Canderous sent a Mandalorian representative, like Cassus Fett or any offspring of his to help search for Revan.

Like the idea of a Chiss party member naturally

I also like the idea of another Twi'lek party member

HK-47 and T3-M4 have to return they are the C-3PO and R2-D2 of Kotor(love Hk-47, couldn't cear less about T3-M4, though I still think that he should be in)

Like to see other species like Trandoshans or mayby Mon Calamari Jedi(mayby not sure about this idea personally)

If either Hanharr or Zalbar return I would rather it be Hanharr because I like darker characters.

Also a Dark Jedi/Sith that stows away on your ship and wants to find the true sith or mayby Revan and is constanly in conflict with you throughtout your journey once you have descovered him/her, he would be really hard to gain influence with

Also mayby the True Sith could have an empire out in the unknown regions and you would destroy or help destroy the empire and free the plants under their rule and there would be a Sith Emperor and you would get cought up in the plots of other sith to overthrow him.

Also I would like the planet Csilla in the game obviously im saying this because im a fan of the Chiss but I still think it would be cool.
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