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Originally Posted by Corinthian View Post
I'm the opposite way. I dislike the omnipresence of Jedi and Sith. They're supposed to be severely limited after the Jedi Civil War, the subsequent Purge, and the death of the three major Sith Lords.
no no, I didn't mean that they would BE Jedi or Sith, just that depending on if you went darksided or lightsided you could make them into, at the very least, dark/light force users. I'd like to keep the "official" Jedi or Sith party members to a minimum, one of each at most, each with the possibility to "fall" or be "redeemed" to the other side.

I'd really like a much more intricate system than the linear good-evil choices.

Redeem one, but in doing so you may alienate the other and they'll fall, and when you turn to help them, the one you redeemed will be hurt and themselves fall. Give equal attention to each and you won't get close to either. Fun stuff like that.

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