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Originally Posted by Corinthian View Post
So, basically, make it so that the entire party is a bunch of whiny, feuding pains in the neck instead of being a marginally competent team? I dealt with enough of that crap in TSL.
No, see, that's what I want to get away from, static characters. You're their leader, how well they get along depends on you. Are a half a dozen random people from totally different background going to instantly get along? heck no. If they did it would just be weird. Sure, Joe and Frank may get along, but Frank and Stella may not.

I want characters that seem to grow based on how you treat them and how you allow others to treat them. If Frank and Stella don't get along, it's up to you to smooth things over, or kill one of them off, whichever you think is better, and in doing so you would change the dynamics of the group.

Why on earth would random people from across the galaxy be a competent team? They have different morals, different ideals, different goals, you want a competent team, go hire a bunch of mercs. You want an interesting game, then you get NPCs with personalites, and ones that don't always mesh well. People have emotions, games with emotionless characters are dumb.

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