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Chapter 8

…”and tonight, the Immortal that goes by the name of Sterookie hooks his wrath on a fresh face in the arena…The Scarface!”
Those faint words… followed by a shake. Lirissian abruptly opens his eyes, oddly woke up by the darkness around him that seems to ascent slowly. In the panic of disorientation he tries to figure out where he is, what happened… and… “why my head hurts so bad?” But this quick wind of thoughts faints away, as a light opens over his head. He realizes he’s on an elevator, and hears the crowd that is above him. The elevator climbs the boy to what seems to be an arena. He shakes his head, he looks around him, amazed by the big construction. A quick check at his pockets and the backpack, and surprisingly, all his gear is with him. But something rises from a hole in the floor…
“This must be the biggest Stereb I ever saw!” is the reaction of Lirissian on the sight of his enemy, as the boy realizes.
And before he realizes anything else, he is attacked by the big creature. A quick dodge is enough. Lirissian draws his pistol, and shots the Stereb in the head. The result: the blast ricochets, and an energy shield becomes visible on the Stereb’s body. A quick thought… “maybe I can beat him using his lack of speed against him.” But “Sterookie” grabs a stimulant out of his bag near the shoulder, and sticks it in his leg. Not surprisingly, that stimulant boosted his speed. Sterookie attacks again, Lirissian dodges again, but this time the Stereb is quick enough to grab Lirissian with his left arm. He brings his second hand upon Lirissian, and tries to crush him. And as the power inflected in the crush is greater, the blood pressure increases and the scars of Lirissian go from green to purple.
Eventually… they start to bleed. But a self conscious power kicks in…
The hold of the Stereb becomes weaker, like it tries to crush something very solid and in expansion… Then, an explosion of energy throws the Stereb away.
Lirissian falls… but he quickly gets up. He points his hand at the Stereb, and he slowly closes his hand.
“So you know the pain you inflict!” screams the boy at the big creature, who seems to be crushed by something. Several seconds past, and the Stereb starts to scream…
But an electricity bold strikes down Lirissian, making him pass out.

__________________________________________________ ________________________

“Eh… Where am I?” says the boy waking up…
“In your cell… Our cell…” is the answer given by a man with slightly darker skin and long black hair… Lirissian’s first reaction is putting his hand at his pistol… Or at least that is his intention, cause he finds himself unable to do so…
“Don’t try to move… You suffered pretty badly from that crush. But it’s still a mystery how you survived it.” says the man. But Lirissian remains silent… thinking… And eventually he asks:
“Where are we? What is this place?”
“Well, we are on Rattatak.”
„Um... What is Rattatak?”
„Its a planet. One that revolves itself around wars, conflicts and gladiator games.
We are in one... The game of the Ventress WarLord.”
„Gladiator games... How do they work?”
„Well, it’s simply a tournament. But it has some special rules...”
„Rules? I was thinking of everyone’s for himself and fights ‚till the death.”
„Well, you’re pretty wrong... It’s not everyone for himself. Every gladiator has a pair.
If one gladiator dies, his pair also dies.”
„What’s the purpose on that?”
„Well, probably to show the crowd as much as blood as possible... Though the crowd isn’t always that thirsty. They have the power to decide if someone lives or dies. If they let someone’s life, then that person becomes an Immortal, and he is not allowed to die... never. Instead, his pair dies. That’s why you got shocked yesterday. You were facing an Immortal.”
Satisfied with the answers, Lirissian starts to think of what he should do. Then he remembers about his companions.
„Wait! You know where my friends are?”
„You mean the decorated Mandalorian and the Republican Officer? They are in the cell in your front... They are still incapacitated. They also faced Immortals and managed to win... To be honest, you won their match.”
„What do you mean?”
„When you crushed Sterookie with... the Force... they did the exact same thing in the exact same time. They fought in the other arenas in the same time with you.”
Lirissian remains stunned. He knew that Trask is a Force User, after all, he is a member of the Violet Company, where there are only Force Users. But Davrel... He is also a Force User. And he also realizes there has been made a Froce Bond between them.
He remains silent, thinking of what he should do.
He eventually asks: „What is the prize for the tournament winner?”
„He has the opportunity to choose a freighter from the Big Hangar, and leave Rattatak”
„Um... My name is Lirissian by the way... Lirissian Flaut.”
„Mine is Mattne Dohvak.”

__________________________________________________ ________________________

*Several weeks after*

„And here is the match you’ve been waiting for! The traitors, the four gladiators who plotted against our Lord, Ventress, are fighting each other with only the fists in a deathmatch here, in the Main Arena! Only one man will stand after this battle!”
From the four holes on the ground, four sad people rise... They prepare… And the start is given.
But they remain in the same spot, doing nothing… Moments pass, and the crowd is becoming more agitated.
Ventress appears on a throne, at the highest point in the arena.
“You better start fighting, or I’ll have my guards slaughter you!” says the Lord trough a microphone.
Lirissian strains his eyes, and sees the expression of Ventress. He remembers that face…
“That person… that person is the one that assaulted our Basilisk. That’s how we ended up being here!”
Some guards approach the boy, preparing to execute him. Lirissian puts his hand at the pocket, and draws a disruptor pistol.
“From where he has that weapon? THEY SHOULD’VE BEEN CHECKED, AND ALL THEIR WEAPONS SHOULD’VE BEEN TAKEN!” shouts Ventress, without realizing Lirissian was already incapacitated the guards, and is pointing the gun at him.
“Ha, ha! If you think you can aim me from such a distance, you are wrong!”
But *he* is wrong. And he doesn’t have time to realize it, because a second later he is on the ground, with a hole in his forehead.
The crowd points it’s attention to the empty throne, a thing that Lirissian and his friends use. They activate the Stealth Generators, and run through the main gate at the Hangar.
“Let’s grab a freighter and leave!” says Mattne.
“Let’s take the battered one… The one that looks like a hawk. Seems to be most capable.”

*Note: Chapter 8 is out!*
[Fic] The war of the ancients, seen through the eyes of one young men, as he walks the road of destiny... The Triumvirates War

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