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oh wow. that site is such a joke. how anyone would believe that junk is beyond me. the moment i loaded that page alarm bells went off in my head. i mean, just *look* at it! the layout, the banners, the coloring... thats the kind of looking site that does stuff like downloads garbage onto your computer. i had a little look around ran off quick. now im annoyed that i actually gave that junkyard hits.
the list that saberscorpion posted is the same as on the site.
obviously scorpion didnt know about this and its an honest mistake (yes?) what site did you copy/paste it from? i think ive seen this on some people's social networking site pages... people doing roleplay and giving themselves a 100,000 MC count. oh boy.

Scenario 1: Revan, he was a gaurdian.
how do you know that? as far as i know, revan's class etc, hasnt been confirmed. anakin was a jedi guardian.

any objections to the points in my last post?

mfw I read the Revan novel

it is not a cry of joy.

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