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Thumbs up Chapter 2 Fight in the Council Chambers

Today the farm was attacked by Kath Hounds. They stormed the crops from the cover of the grassy hills that infested Dantoine .I very nearly had to activate my light saber to deal with the crazed Kath Hounds.I knew if a did it would cost and imperial soldier a grog and all the gossip will be going around. From the peace of my home I knew from the blood red eyes and slobbering mouth that I would have been dead if it was not for a nearby patrolling militia that was handy with a snipe rifle.

I also saw a Star Destroyer pass over my house earlier tonight so I fear I will wake up with a blaster to my head. I fear sleep so tonight’s story will be longer than the last.

Day 1
Operation Knightfall

I had a nanosecond of silence in respect for Master Tania but yet again I knew her sacrifice would not mean much if I didn’t warn everyone of the impending attack. Quickly I explained to the jedi snipers of the situation. They volunteered to stay behind to slow down Skywalker while I would go to the council chambers to warn the Jedi’s greatest of the impending attack. Just as I saw that sith rat use a charged ball of force to brake through the door I jumped down a level and began to sprint towards the council chamber staircase. I wanted to stay and fight Skywalker with the jedi snipers under the statue of Queen Talia, a deceased queen of Onderon who proved loyal to the jedi during the first jedi purge several thousand years ago. I snapped myself out of thinking of long dead Onderonian queens and began thinking about what was happening now. Quickly I realized
History would be made if I didn’t hurry up.

I remember passing the youngling quarters, screaming orders that their tired young brains could not possibly comprehend. After that I passed the great hall of jedi heroes. I glanced quickly at the huge statue of a hunched figure wearing a vastly magnified cloak and hood. I knew it to be a statue of Revan, a sith dictator turned jedi who purged the galaxy of a sith threat a couple thousand years ago.

With a great effort I used he force to make me run up the vast staircase that lead towards the council Chamber.

I was too late. At the moment I entered through the thin doorway of the chambers Master Tinn a good friend of my master, Cin Dralig, was being attacked by some famed clone assassins. I had studied them from the jedi archives after bumping into one on Tattoine, who was obviously on a mission while I was only there because of repairs for my jedi star fighter after a lengthy dogfight over Cato Nemodia, I was escaping with plans for a droid prototype that could resist the attacks of a light saber.

My war tales are another story but I had discovered that the clone assassins were a group of elite clones tasked to assassinate various separatist leaders, along with the illustrious Count Dooku .They usually wore blue plated phase 2 clone amour, but the one’s attacking Master Tinn were using black cloaks so they the could blend into the shadows of the great temple. They had extendable viroblades attached to their shoulders and were using them against a weakened Master Tinn to great success.

I took one of the four assassins by surprise by shooting a beam of concentrated energy into the back of what looked by the most competent in the group .The experienced assassins reacted quickly. One of them continued to assault Master Tinn while the remaining two began to try to circle me. Following true jedi etiquette I let the clones attack first. They moved as one. I managed to strafe around their first attacks but then I was forced into a world of parries, strikes and one hell of a load of pain. They attacked as one and it was very difficult to avoid their strikes. A slice at the clones head was blocked easily. I swung my saber so fast it looked like a light show from the Theatre of Black Light, which was a theatre on Rycloth which was famous for attracting the rich and influential.

I knew the only way to defeat the scum would be through the force. I jumped backwards and pulled one of the clones towards me. He slid down my light saber with a groan. I threw him off in disgust. The enemy that was attacking Master Tinn fell to a critical strike not from me but from my jedi counterpart. Then I did something I had never expected to do in the whole of my life. I shot a great burst of lightning at the remaining clone. I continued to shoot out electricity until I was certain that he was dead. I turned to Master Tinn, quite pleased because I had just defeated a squad of the most powerful non jedi soldiers in the galaxy. I expected Master Tinn to be looking at me in horror because of the great sith power I had just used but instead he was lying in a heap in the centre of the chamber.

Gasping I quickly gave him one of the medpacs that I carried at all times. They were ancient medpacs filled with Kolto instead of the traditional Bacta. They were like this because I had read that most species in the galaxies were beginning to become resistant to bacta.I busied myself attempting to heal master Tinn but I knew I was clinging to a sinking boat as he had been stabbed directly through the stomach

“Save the younglings,” He said with a gasp.

Those were the last words of the great jedi veteran. He had died directly in the centre of the chamber, which was a place that several jedi had had their hopes shattered and restored. It was a fitting place for such a famed jedi to have died but it was under horrible circumstances.

I remember guiltily scavenging the medpacs, light sabers and credits from the master’s corpse. I then began to run down the huge stairway so I could honor Tinn’s final words. It was hard not to glace at the puddle of purple blood circulating around the chamber.

I will now try to go to the sleep. Tomorrow night I intend to finish with the beginning of the tale so I can try never to think of those horrible events ever again

Hope everyone is enjoying my fic

Never was anything great achieved without danger.

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