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Originally Posted by Corinthian View Post
You guys are really underestimating the raw power of a completed Death Star. Or maybe you're overestimating the power of the Star Forge fleet. Let me remind you that the Republic Fleet was able to defeat a Star Forge fleet that significantly outnumbered them only by getting the advantage of Battle Meditation. Star Forge ships are pretty clearly not all that good.
Yeah but the Death Star was blown up by a single proton torpedo into an exaust port .

Also the attack on the Death Star was mostly composed of small fighters like the X-Wing.

It took multiple battleships to destroy the Star Forge, and as you said the Republic only destroyed it due to Bastila's Battle Meditation and that was with an armada of battleships and fighters so I wouldn't exactly call the Star Forge ships "clearly" not that good if anything they are stronger than the Republic equivilents.

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