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Yeah but the Death Star was blown up by a single proton torpedo into an exaust port .

Also the attack on the Death Star was mostly composed of small fighters like the X-Wing.
What is that supposed to prove?

The only reason the rebels even attempted to attack Death Star I is because they knew its weakness, and they never would have figured out about the weakness if the thing's plans hadn't been stolen by them. Of course it was destroyed by two proton torpedoes sent down its exhaust port - that was its weakness.

Obviously, even knowing about the exhaust port wouldn't have done the rebels any good if not for Tarkin's overconfidence - he totally ignored the rebel fighters despite his subordinate's warning. The Death Star had thousands of TIE Fighters in its hangars, and if he launched them, the mere 30 rebels would have been completely annihilated, Force-assisted pilot or not. Vader knew better, obviously, and had his personal fighter squadron launched under his own authority. The rest is history.

I hate it when people take a single fact out of canon and try to use it as proof of their point, while at the same time ignoring the context of said fact.

Ah, but the endless army of droids could overwhelm an army not trained for it. Remember, the clones were trained to fight droids, and had jedi to help them. If it came down to a fight of droids v clones, then the droids would win.
As for the "limitless armies and fleets" myth - do you seriously propose that the Sith had infinite droids and ships? That's impossible, because there's not enough space onboard their ships for an infinite amount of droids, and they don't have enough men to crew an infinite number of ships. Therefore, they can't have more ships or droids than a certain peak amount, and that peak amount was larger than the fleet of the Republic during the Jedi Civil War. In regards to the "unlimited droids" myth - if the battle droids of the Sith Empire were so high in numbers and useful in the war, then why do the regular Sith soldiers outnumber them by a ratio of (at least) 12:1?

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