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Originally Posted by Corinthian View Post
Right, which is why in the original ending they all kill each other.

Anyway, to each his own, but it doesn't make any sense to keep around all these useless excuses for emotional baggage. The only characters you had to keep around in TSL were Kreia, you could have spaced the rest of them and picked up a squad of mercenaries and frankly the plot would have probably gone more or less the same way, only without as much soap opera BS.
You do realize that some of them could have mellowed out and developed some friendships.

It would be hilarious watching Atton Rand, whom couldn't stand Jedi, be the Mentor char of the pc. If we're going to have a romantic interest, let's not have the mentor/student stuff in KotOR I (Bastilla was serving as Revan's mentor) and we see it in TSL (Exile/Handmaiden, Exile/Visas, Exile/Atton, Exile/Migel), how about it be a peer like a fellow Padawan, or even a nonJedi.
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