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Originally Posted by thundrfang1 View Post
Who do you think would win in a fight, Anakin or Revan? Anakin is not at full potential. He is only at the potential that he is in in episode 3.

Scenario 1: Lightsabers only. No melee, blasters, or force powers.

Scenario 2: War. Anakin controls the Imperial Army (including the Death Star 2), and Revan controls the Star Forges sith army.

Scenario 3: Force battle. Force powers only.

Scenario 4: Padme is being held hostage by Revan, and Bastilla is being held hostage by Anakin.

Scenario 5: All out battle. Fight to the death. Each uses whatever needed to win (except their army).

Ok, thats about it. Guive reasons and let the battle begin!
1. Revan would win this one. Because, his style with the lightsaber is much better handled then Anakin's.

2. Hard to say, but my vote go's to Revan. Because the Star Forge (In my opinion) is a much more powerful space station then the Death Star. And the sith army has a more protection armor then the Imperial's.

3. Oh, Revan would win this one. He use's more force powers then Anakin does.

4. Eh.. hard to say. I guess they both win on that one.

5. I guess, they both lose on that one.

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