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Originally Posted by Shem View Post
I've beaten the game on both Xbox360 and on the Wii (since I own both consoles). Each gives you a unique experience and I'm glad I played it on both. The Force power control is definitely better on the Wii and very fun, while the dueling is better on the Xbox360.

If you have a chance to play both, I would recommend it.
So Shem, I might get a 360 for Xmas and I was just wondering if I should still get the Wii version of the game. I'm obviously gonna get the 360 version if I get it, but I mean, I already have the PSP version, and it's basically the same as the Wii version, just without cool controls and the difference in graphics are like KotOR in a way or a PC game in general, like the Wii being high texture quality setting and PSP being on low. It would be kinda awkward to have 3 versions of the game...Even if they're all different in their own ways(mostly 360 version). Well...not as awkward as having Gamecube, Xbox, and PC versions of Jedi Outcast...

"All too easy."
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