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You are aware that this is Star Wars the laws of physics doesn't exactly apply...
Not only is this a red herring argument, but the laws of physics in Star Wars only differ from those in real life when they are directly shown to be different.

What about the Force?
Last time I checked, the Force is described as a thing.

which were infinite battle droids constantly created by the Star Forge.
You can't have an infinite number of objects within a finite space.

Also, the Empire wouldn't be able to attack the station effectively, the reason being;

"Internally, the Star Forge was also capable of manufacturing thousands of battle droids for defense, and possessed several heavy blast doors that ran throughout the entire factory. It was also protected by a deadly ship-disabling energy field projected from Lehon's Temple of the Ancients on the Rakata homeworld nearby. The field caused ships to malfunction and be captured in the planet's gravity well, sending them spiraling down to the world below."
If the Republic could attack the Star Forge, then why wouldn't anyone else be able to by the same means as they? Besides, if said field couldn't be avoided, then why wasn't the Sith fleet or the Star Forge itself affected by it?

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