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Originally Posted by Zerimar Nyliram View Post
I concur. The dark side ending adequately portrays what greed and lust for power bring about: a broken person. I think that both endings teach us profound lessons regarding pride versus selflessness. One shows that us that it is never to late to turn one's life around and that no one is beyond redemption, and the other shows us what ultimately becomes of us when pride and egotism have their way with us.
But the problem with that in a game is that it lowers someone ambition to want to do the dark side ending, thus making it almost useless. I have no desire to do that ending again now, which defeats the purpose of having it in my opinion.

Originally Posted by Zerimar Nyliram View Post
In the novel, Galen uses Kota's green lightsaber following his first betrayal by Vader, and then build one with an aqua-colored blade after departing from Kashyyyk, utilizing a blue crystal he found in his father's home. However, in the FMV's Galen uses a blue lightsaber from Cloud City onwards. I wish they'd change it to green at that point, up until Imperial Felucia.
How did Starkiller get Kota's lightsaber since he gave it to Vader?

Originally Posted by Zerimar Nyliram View Post
Also, the way you fight Palpatine in the 360 version makes him seem a lot more like his character was originally portrayed in Return of the Jedi before the prequels gave us a different picture: so powerful that he uses only the Force, without the need of a lightsaber. I don't know if this was the intention or not, but that's the feeling it gave me.
I never saw Palpatine as someone like you or others have. All we saw from him was Force Lightning and that Luke didn't have his lightsaber to block it, nor did he know how to block it. Besides that, I never saw something from Palpatine that made me think he didn't need a lightsaber, in fact I always assumed he had one as I did with Yoda believe it or not. I know people were like how you were because I remember lots of discussions on whether or not Yoda or Palpatine would have a lightsaber and I would debate that they would. Some people were very bitter because how heated those debates got.

Originally Posted by Hayden GS View Post
Great review! I have the Wii version myself and agree with you 100% on your take of the same version.

After reading, it seams to me that you prefer Wii over 360. But that is just my opinion.
Depends on my mood. I've probably have put in just as many hours in both games so far.

Originally Posted by Prime View Post
Great review, Shem! But I wonder if it takes longer to read it than to play the game.
That's usually a sign that someone liked it and was disappointed because that person wanted more.

Thanks for the compliments guys on my review. I'm glad some people thought it was worth the read.

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