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Originally Posted by SD Nihil View Post
And Astor this just shows by you saying others didn't need us in WWII how un grateful other countries are who hate us.
I'm not ungrateful at all. But I refuse to allow America to simply believe it is solely responsible for saving the world. No one country can claim victory, and you're being narrow-minded if you think that.

Originally Posted by SD Nihil
We in America believe if it were not for us you'd all be speaking german.
And you'd be wrong. Britain hasn't been successfully invaded since 1066, and the Germans weren't even close.

Originally Posted by SD Nihil
Again in my opinion it shows how generous we are to save countries even when they are un grateful. And not everyone like you believes they didn't need the US in WWI and WWII.
I never said we didn't need America. I merely oppose Americans believing that they've saved the world and invented freedom.

Originally Posted by SD Nihil
There are those that are grateful we saved you Europe.
Originally Posted by SD Nihil
Heck we rebuilt you so you can sit here right now on a computer and bash your liberators. So your welcome.
I could turn that around and say without Britain you wouldn't be here to bash those who are apparently 'ungrateful'.

Your welcome.
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