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I usually playthrough with some mixture of the following:

1. Coruscant Jedi Temple by deathdisco
2. Ultimate Sabre Mod by Chainz.2da, T7Nowhere, Darth333, Seprithro and svösh.
3. Suvam Tan by EnderWiggin (Be warned, this mod does cause a bug on Nar Shadaa - but if you consult the release thread, you should find the solution there.)
4. Final Touch by oldflash
5. Kreia's Assorted Robe Collection by Chainz.2da (Be sure to read the readme very carefully)
6. Darksword by Chainz.2da
7. Multi-Stim by Chainz.2da
8. Bao-Dur's Charged Armour by Chainz.2da
9. Learning the Ways of the Force by Darth333
10. Recruitable Dustil by Princess Artemis & Jiara; 1.5 patch
11. Stoffe's High-Level Force Powers, 2.1 patch/update
12. Onderon Museum Upgrade by Mono_Giganto
13. The Dark Apprentice: Holowan Consortium by The Source
14. Force Flame Powers by Clydeski (PM me with your email if you want)
15. Force Zeal by stoffe (available from the stoffe's website)
16. Combat Simulation Arena v4.0 by stoffe
17. Improved Atris v1.0 by Nur Ab Sal (PM me again)
18. Force Meditation by stoffe (Available from the stoffe's website)
19. Illusion Fight by stoffe (Available from the stoffe's website)
20. Unofficial Dialogue Patch by Achilles (Should be available for download below point 5 at the start)
21. Carth New Ages by Princess Artemis (Should be avialable towards the bottom of the page, IIRC)
22. Impulse Crystal by Shimaon (PM me)
23. Enlightenment/Corruption Robes by SithRevan
24. Maverick187 and RedHawke's Prestige Class Item Pack
25. by Karstedt
26. The Mandalorian Knights by The Source
27. Prologue, Peragus and Harbinger Issue Correction Mod by Ulic
28. KotOR 2 Armor Metastasis by 90SK/Skye
29. Tomb of Azgath N'Dul (v2.0) by me; 2.1 patch
30. Darth Vader - AVol (PM me)
31. "Fork" Short Lightsabres - oldflash and me
32. Concept Loading Screens by me

Other mods I'd recommend giving a whirl:
1. Nar Shadaa Skybox by Sharen_Thrawn
2. M4-78 by Darth Stoney; Movies fix; 1.1a Patch USM compatibility fix
3. Bao-Dur wears Jedi Robes by Shem
4. 90SK's Super Content Mod
5. Lightsaber Parts Icon Fix by DrGhent
6. MrMarb's Weapon Finesse Icon Fix
7. TSL Improved Loading Screens by SpaceAlex

So there you have a fairly long list of mods to peruse. I'd also recommend checking out some of the authors' work other than what's listed here, and also to check out the work of some of the other authors I've not mentioned, like Prime, Inyri, T7, etc.

Enjoy, and if you have any problems don't forget to come and ask for help (preferably with some detailed explanation of the problems, though I know we don't need to tell you that. )
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