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Originally Posted by Astor_Kaine
I'm not ungrateful at all. But I refuse to allow America to simply believe it is solely responsible for saving the world. No one country can claim victory, and you're being narrow-minded if you think that.
Our allies aided our effort, but we were doing a lot of the work. Who stormed the beaches, we did, who dropped nukes on those Japan islands ending the war, we did, who liberated France we did, who did the majority to rebuild Europe we did. I think we've done a lot.

And if you say you didn't need us I think that is an un grateful attitude.

Originally Posted by Astor_Kaine
Again, money or not, it is not the UN's duty to back America, or anyone else, unless they need to be protected by an aggressive state. Also, International law as written by the UN in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights expressly establishes the Human Rights enjoyed by most states in the Western world.
I believe that because we've done so much for the world that it does, and the fact we've done a lot for them too. So we may not be expecting anything in return for helping the world. But I think the world does owe us a great deal for our lives, money, and aid we've given to so many.

So humane the UN is for the oil for food scandal. I think they didn't want us to mess up their deal with Iraq because of the deal with Saddam. I think they knew they'd lose out on their deal if we went in. So that's why I think they cared more about their deal with Saddam rather than stand up to a man that committed crimes against humanity.

I don't think the UN is very humane if they don't stand up against killers like Saddam. You said aggressive nation. Are you refering to us. We see ourselves as liberators, not as conquerers like Russia, and Saddam was.

Originally Posted by Astor-Kaine
You are forgetting that Britain stood firm against Germany from 1939. Evidence: actions such as the Battle of Britain. Surviving the blitzkrieg. America didn't enter out of 'generosity', it entered after it was directly attacked in 1941. You are also missing the effect of the actions of the French Resistance.
Little they did in the face of Hilter. Doesn't change the fact we saved lives, and sacrificed so much. Today may be different in how much of the world hates us, but I believe England and others were grateful for all we did majorly against the axis powers.

Saved countries such as Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq...
So you think we should just not exist, never help, and let you guys fend for yourselves against terrorists, oppressive regimes, and dictators that have commited crimes against humanity.

Yeah we've saved Iraq. Free elections, education, woman's rights, no Saddam. Yes we saved them. They are doing much of their own defense. We are very close to victory.

Keep in mind Veitnam is the only war we lost.

Korea, yes because the South Koreans are free and protected from North Korea.

We liberated France, much of Europe with our allies. Africa too.

Considering Britain was never conquered...
From what I saw on the History channel England had a tough time during the Blitz against the Nazis almost destroying Englands air power.

The point is by us coming in don't you think we saved more lives of others.

Originally Posted by Litofsky
Perhaps that is because, as mentioned previously, that when they can't even influence one of their most important members, they lack the resolve/strength to get anything actual done?
I again think it is because the UN didn't want to mess up their deal with Saddam. And I think it's because the UN is spineless, weak, and doesn't listen to the one country (us) that has done more for others than any other nation has in the history of the world.

I think we are the best nation on the planet. I'm glad I live here rather than in other countries who hate us, are jelous, whin, are weaker than us, and are un grateful to us.

Those that conquered Europe don't respect weakness. We respect those who stand up against evil and for the freedoms of others.

And some people live in different time zones.
You've never told me what country are you from? And please actually say a name. Before when I asked you all you said was in another zip code. Have pride in your country, we do.

Now again this above about weak and stuff is not meant as an insult to other countries. It's simply how we feel. I hate none of you here. I simply disagree with other countries who don't agree with us and well the above I have written.

So, everything just a tool in the world to help the US carry its 'righteous convictions' throughout the land?
We believe even with other countries kicking and screaming against our help that we feel we know what's best for them, and what's also best for us too.

Don't you dare speak for me. You are blindly assuming that the US was the single deciding factor in World War II. I admit, the US helped an immense amount after we entered the war, but that doesn't mean we get to take all of the 'glory.'
I never said single. I said a major contributer. I don't speak for you. Our country does for you and other I believe. It's like how some that believe in our Christan God that fight against him, or try. No matter what I believe he knows best too. We feel we know what's best.

Who to say that everyone in a country is ungrateful? You're assuming that, based off of your skewed perception of a few posts that all of Europe is ungrateful (and therefore hateful, according to your post) for our actions in WWII. Sure, we helped a lot, but that does not entitle us to claim victory and glory for ourselves.
Like before with the world wars you assume I belive that we were the sole person who won the world wars. And again you assume here too. I never said everyone did I.

Some, other than you, are actually grateful when America helps them. Who doesn't want victory and glory. Even our enemies realize that.

Freedom of speech. It's one of the great qualities of most nations.
But not all countries allow you to speak badly against their government without fear of punishment from that government. We Americans have a government that allows you to speak poorly against your own government. That is your right in this great land.

I could turn that around and say without Britain you wouldn't be here to bash those who are apparently 'ungrateful'.

Your welcome.
And I could also say if it were not for the French we would've not been here. But that was when they stood by us way back then. I'm just happy the current leader of France has seen the error in our opinion of his country's ways. Maybe that boycotting we did to them paid off.

And "your welcome". I think I said your welcome so you mean Thank you US for all the good you do for the rest of the world. We should be a heck of a lot nicer to you. Heck we should support you in your quest for freedom everywhere. Without you the world would be a whole lot worse America.

But I will say Thank You in exercising your free speech that we believe in too.

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