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Here is the deal. European nations need the United States, and the United States needs the European nations. Thomas Jefferson and John Quincy Adams fought over the nature of our relationships. World War I and World War II wouldn't have been successful if we all didn't work together. All of our lives were in jeopardy.

I don't think the United Nations is absolute; however, I do belive it was built upon solid ideologies. Each nation involved with the UN should not have to ask for permission, so they can defend themselves from a forgeign threat. Period.

Islam and Christianity are both guilty of the same things. Each religion was involved in ethnic cleansing. Both religions have psychopathic extremists hidden in the organization's structure. What is good for one group is good for the other. We should support the portions of both groups that catter to the greater good. If we turn back the hands of time, Christianity is the Islam invasion to the Jewish community. Like it or not, that is what actually happened.

United Nations should not promote a religion, but they should promote peace across religious bounderies. Anything else is just pathetic.
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