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making a toggle key

I'm trying to make a key that allows me to toggle 'always run.' I don't like having to hold down a key to accomplish this. I have tried two different methods that I have had no success with.

First was with the '!'. On the filefront forums it was posted that the ! would allow a button to toggle a command. So I tried this:
bind CTRL "cl_run !"
That did not work for me.

The second way was with 'vstr' commands in a .cfg. I tried this"
bind CTRL vstr run1 "cl_run 1"; vstr walk1
bind CTRL vstr walk1 "cl_run 0"; vstr run1
That may not be exactly right since I'm at school and cannot pull up the actual text file, but it is close.

If someone knows how to do this and willing to share I'd appreciate it.
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