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Bug on Tomb in Korriban (spoilers)

Alright, I've just finished fighting Atton, Bao-Dur, T3-M4, and all the rest in that vision with Kreia. So after that fight is over with, I head in the direction to fight Revan. When I get to Revan's room, I see him, and the DS version of myself to his left. I speak with Revan (doesn't matter which option I choose), and the DS version of myself fights me, instead of Revan. After that fight is over (doesn't matter whether I win or lose), Revan stays behind. If I try to speak with him, I just get the same options I had before ("A lot of people were wondering..." etc). I can open up Ludo's grave and get those two items, but the door to the exit stays locked with Revan still behind. I've checked every other area in the tomb and there seems to be no way out. Anybody had this problem before?
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