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Originally Posted by SD Nihil View Post
Anyway, I didn't address about why they should be disolved. If it were the oil for food scandal alone I'd say no don't disolve it. But that along with the fact they rarely back the US,
Weve repeatedly explained that it's an INTERNATIONAL orginization, and your former argument, that it's because we give them most money, you quickly drop as soon as you realize other countries can give the UN more money if they want to.

So why should they listen to the US? Because their building is here? That's a pretty bad argument. That means they should listen to Iran if Iran donated them a building. Because we contribute the most troops? We DONT have to do that you know, we do it because we WANT to, not because we're required. And UN peacekeepers are members from MANY nations who join the UN. Soldiers listen to their commanding officers, not the nations they come from.

follow through with their resolution when it gets broken, and support countries who don't allow freedom of speech, and countries who oppress their people.
The UN follows through on a LOT of it's resolutions. Not all of them sure. And hey, the US backs a LOT of countries that are oppressive dictatorships. Lets see, Brazil, Columbia, Saudi Arabia, China, yeah, we back, either directly or indirectly, MOST of the nations the UN can do nothing about.

But yes I believe because the UN had their oil for food agreement that's why they didn't want us to go into Iraq because they would lose out in their deal with Saddam.
You know why Bush sr didn't take out Saddam? Because we still liked him.

We the US already didn't like Saddam. I don't believe in compromising on our resolutions for the sake ofmoney.
That's strange, if we never liked the guy, why did we put him in power?

To me that's like selling out on your convictions.
Oh yeah, we're real good at not selling ourselves out for a bigger buck. That'd be why we didn't outsource american jobs, that'd be why our electronics companies never sold their ideas to Japan, that'd be why the financial market isn't in tatters.

Oh wait, we did ALL those things in the name of MORE MONEY. Americans surely are paragons of how to make more money at the expense of others.

And since the UN does not support what we feel is good and right that too makes them useless to us.
You know, I can use that same argument to justify murder of republicans. So really, you don't want to go down the road of "they're useless because they don't agree with me." Because if you're not careful, you'll be the one on the wrong end of the barrel.

We mean what we say when we go into war. Or at least most of the time, Veitnam being the exception. But the UN in my opinion when it caves on it's resolutions shows it has little to no spine.
It's not like we're helping when we veto measures for UN intervention 'cause it would interfere with our desires.

And Astor this just shows by you saying others didn't need us in WWII how un grateful other countries are who hate us. We in America believe if it were not for us you'd all be speaking german. So your entitled to believe you didn't believe us, but for example the French we had to save from Hitler's take over.
If the US didn't intervene, Europe would likly be speaking Russian, not German. WWII in Europe was heading towards an end when we joined. Did we help a LOT, damn straight. But the War in the Pacific is really where the US made the biggest impact.

Again in my opinion it shows how generous we are to save countries even when they are un grateful. And not everyone like you believes they didn't need the US in WWI and WWII. There are those that are grateful we saved you Europe.
ugh, gag me, all this pro-america tripe is making me sick. Hey, I love my country, but we aren't THAT grand of saviors for Europe.

Heck we rebuilt you so you can sit here right now on a computer and bash your liberators. So your welcome.
Only if you're talking about Germany and Japan. The French and British did a good job of rebuilding their own countries.

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