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Originally Posted by SW01
And so the US was able to respond to the Taleban threat. However, there was no evidence to justify attacking Iraq - which is why the UN refused to pass a resolution sponsoring an assault the way they did with Res. 678. The UN is there to try to prevent war breaking out.
Again you guys don't read and you come back with the same arguments. Why am I wasting my time with you. I said it does not matter if they had WMDs or not. They broke the cease fire agreement. The UN didn't follow through with their resoultions and we acted.

But whatever. I'm tired of telling it over and over and over. Scarcasm: Yup Bush is evil and America is evil and aggressive, and mean. lol.

<snip> It amuses me that you make silly flamey statements like that, when clearly you have far too much time on your hands to be posting posts longer than others who apparently should be doing other things...

Originally Posted by Litofsky
2) Please, when speaking about America, don't use the term "we." Saying "we" implies that the lot of us agree with what your saying, and that's just not true.
Well you sure don't act patriotic. And if I want to us we as in America meaning not just I believe this way. We did this we did that. So I will use we. Don't tell me what to do.

That's entirely possible. If you've got a good economic deal that benefits multiple member nations, why would you mess that up with a war that was/is unjustified (I say 'unjustified,' as the Senators voting for the war were deliberately misled).
Again, a member benefiting the UN at the expense of inocents in Iraq. Lives mean more than material things in my opinion. Saddm was feeding his army and not his people. So yes all those nations who benefited off of that food for oil scandal were wrong in supporting a deal with Saddam like this.

So, you don't like County "A" because it disagrees with us?
Because they rarely support us for all that we do. I think they should show that they are grateful by standing for what we do. Giving lives, aid, and mone to help others. They should be much nicer to us for all that we sacrificed.

Yes, I've noticed that as well. The question remains, however, if we actually are helping them. It depends on the situation and opinion.
A lot of us believe what we are doing is good for other countries. We rock in my opinion. And we'll continue to help others dispite what other countries think of us, say about us, or resist us.

So, the US is like God, only on Earth? That's what I derived from your post. If you please, when was our apotheosis? I'm pretty sure that we're just an influential nation that likes to take center-stage in most major world events
I'm saying he knows what's best. And I believe we know what's best too.

You have my apologies for inferring something not said. The US did help the Allies a significant amount, I never denied that.
I think that was for the other guy. Too much writing to look through. Too much "blank" to correct.

Yes, that's the beauty of our county. We're allowed to voice our opinions without worrying about retribution by our government. I dare to say that the reason the Founding Fathers included the First Amendment in the Constitution for a reason similar to this.
I agree. Wow one thing we agree on. lol. Yeah and that too in my opinion makes us better than some countries that don't have that aspect to them.

People are allowed to have their own opinions. It's nice to have allies, but you can't make someone your ally. That's up to the leaders to decide (and, at an even more basic level, that up to the people to decide their leaders).
I think a boycott, an exercise of our freedom to not buy from them can effect their country and citizens. And it can preasure them to change their minds. Or at least get back at them for not supporting us. And yes I agree we all can have our opinions. I've always said that.

Again, I'm American. Born and raised here. Just because I disagree with your ideas doesn't mean I don't realize what America's done in the world. However, I disagree with what you're saying. Just because America has done this or that doesn't make it the end all be all of existence.
I know your American. A lot of these quotes were from Astor Kaine. You know what you said.

Originally Posted by Dravis
World War 2 was over 60 years ago and the Japanese took the first shot. War with Germany was inevitable if we fought the Japanese due to treaties between the two countries (and in fact we declared war on Germany after it had declared war on us). Nearly everyone who was alive at the time is dead and their views do not necessarily reflect their descendants'... Citing reasons and attitudes towards the war by people who are gone is not an excellent argument for why someone should support you, now.
People have such disrespect for the greatest generation. A lot of decendents still believe the way they do. And those not related to them do too.

Originally Posted by Web Rider
Weve repeatedly explained that it's an INTERNATIONAL orginization, and your former argument, that it's because we give them most money, you quickly drop as soon as you realize other countries can give the UN more money if they want to.
We've given the most lives, aid, and money to countries. So yeah they should care about our opinion which in our opinion is right.

The UN follows through on a LOT of it's resolutions. Not all of them sure. And hey, the US backs a LOT of countries that are oppressive dictatorships. Lets see, Brazil, Columbia, Saudi Arabia, China, yeah, we back, either directly or indirectly, MOST of the nations the UN can do nothing about.
I agree there we should'nt be supporting those nations. But I didn't vote on that. Or at least a vote for that didn't come up. And even if the UN can't act militarily, their member countries if they wanted to can back us militarily. But they rarely do.

You know why Bush sr didn't take out Saddam? Because we still liked him.
lol. No. Again it was because we would've, but initially Saddam agreed to the cease fire agreement by getting out of Kuwaitt, and allowing UN inspectors in.

That's strange, if we never liked the guy, why did we put him in power?
Because back then we didn't expect him to do the things he did.

Oh yeah, we're real good at not selling ourselves out for a bigger buck. That'd be why we didn't outsource american jobs, that'd be why our electronics companies never sold their ideas to Japan, that'd be why the financial market isn't in tatters.
We don't, or at least since the China and other nations were brought up, at least we shouldn't have deals with countries making a profit off of the expense of innocents. We are sure better in my opinion than a lot of nations.

[QUOTE]You know, I can use that same argument to justify murder of republicans. So really, you don't want to go down the road of "they're useless because they don't agree with me." Because if you're not careful, you'll be the one on the wrong end of the barrel.[/QUOE]

I said the UN in my opinion is useless to us. Never said we should kill them. And interesting you bring up about republicans. I don't always agree with the republicans. Republican and Democrats are parties. Conservative and liberal are belief

And yeah interesting that you say republican killed. Would it really bother you if I wasn't alive.

But that's the thing today. People start hating each other in this country so much they want to do some bad things. I don't hate you. I want nothing bad to ever happen to you. We can disagree on policy. I believe however, we should agree on principals that make us American.

f the US didn't intervene, Europe would likly be speaking Russian, not German. WWII in Europe was heading towards an end when we joined. Did we help a LOT, damn straight. But the War in the Pacific is really where the US made the biggest impact.
It was nearing the end when we came because we were responsible for the end being that year by us helping it to end quicker. I think by us coming in we saved more lives by doing so. By dropping nukes on the japanese islands we ended i quicker. We were responsible for D day. So I think we did a lot in that war. And even if Russia did more than us and you think we'd all be speaking Russian, would you want to be speaking Russian, having comunism, and unable to speak against the government of Russia. I think those countries are glad to not be under Russian rule. I think countries were happy when we told Russia to "tar down this wall".

Web what country are you from? Are you from the US too? Who here is from what? I live in the US. I'm from the south east. I'm a red stater and proud of it.I'm proud to be conservative.

Only if you're talking about Germany and Japan. The French and British did a good job of rebuilding their own countries.
I think England back then was thankful for us helping them. The French wouldn't be able to assist in rebuilding ifif we didn't liberate them.

Have a blessed day all.

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