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I have a bit of a problem here. This worked like a charm on everything I did until I tried to add some force powers into the game. The mod was supposed to work with ver. 1.4.0 and up but when I add the modified spells.2da file to my override and try to open kse it gives me this message:

Attempted to read past end of dialog.tlk
(tried to read string 99077 but dialog.tlk has 49138 entries)

KotOR 1 spells.2da

The mod's name is "The Dark Lords Force Powers" if anyone has any help I'd be really happy. I'm new so if its obvious sorry about bothering you. Thanks in advance.

Edit: Now i REALLY need help. While trying to fix it myself i ended up making it so i can't load my save. If i can get it fixed i will be able to load it again, but it wont work 'till then.

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