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We were responsible for D day.
No, the allies were responsible for overlord, saying only America was did it takes away much deserved credit from thousands of soldiers, civilians and officers of the other allied nations.
And even if Russia did more than us and you think we'd all be speaking Russian, would you want to be speaking Russian, having comunism, and unable to speak against the government of Russia. I think those countries are glad to not be under Russian rule. I think countries were happy when we told Russia to "tar down this wall".
If you think Russia could have taken over Europe had germany not been their, you are completely wrong. Ever hear of the winter war? From 1939 to 1940 the Russians got the crap kicked out of them by Finland. Their army was pathetic at that time, its highly unlikely they would have even reached a major nation like France(Assuming Germany was still disarmed) before getting annihilated.
Web what country are you from? Are you from the US too? Who here is from what? I live in the US. I'm from the south east. I'm a red stater and proud of it.I'm proud to be conservative.
You must feel so proud to be contributing to the wonderful party that takes international treaties and national rights of all citizens and waterboards them until they stop existing. Oh wait, its not called waterboarding, its "enhanced interrogation."

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