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Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
Watching Fox News investigation on TV, and it seems to me that the Democrats are primarily responsible for this entire mess. It even mentioned McCain's attempts to fix this thing.
Negative. Look I'm a Republican, but pinning this all on the Dems or even primarily on the dems is pretty unfair. Both parties are to blame. Two presidents are to blame(Clinton and Bush). Lets face it we the people are partly to blame. Banks are to blame. Deregulation, believe it or not, actually softened the blow(according to economists and of course Clinton who signed it into law after a Republican majority congress passed it). Greenspan is to blame for continuing to lower interest rates. Realtors are to blame. and I'm sure I missed a few other people that share some blame for the economic situation we're in right now.

McCain signed on to the bill when the crisis was about to hit. The housing market was about to collapse. It had nearly reached it's peak when he signed on to the bill. Which never came to the floor for a vote. It wasn't even fillibustered. It never even got to that point. In fairness though, at least his name is on there... with two other Republicans...
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