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Originally Posted by SD Nihil View Post
Again you guys don't read and you come back with the same arguments. Why am I wasting my time with you.
We're sorry that we've wasted your precious time, seeing as you've given us brilliant arguments so far.

Originally Posted by SD Nihil
Don't tell me what to do.
Why shouldn't he? You've been telling us we're wrong and that we should think like you. You've even told us not to bother 'wasting your time'.

Originally Posted by SD Nihil
Because they rarely support us for all that we do. I think they should show that they are grateful by standing for what we do. Giving lives, aid, and mone to help others. They should be much nicer to us for all that we sacrificed.
Yet again, you parade the same old tripe without actually saying anything of merit.

Originally Posted by SD Nihil
I know your American. A lot of these quotes were from Astor Kaine. You know what you said.
Actually, half of the quotes you attributed to me were by other people.

Originally Posted by SD Nihil
People have such disrespect for the greatest generation. A lot of decendents still believe the way they do. And those not related to them do too.
If you're implying that I have no respect for the Veterans of the Second World War, you couldn't be more wrong. My Grandfather spent the entire war diffusing and delivering unexploded bombs.

My Great-Grandfather fought Rommel in the Desert, and spent a years as his prisoner. So don't you ever tell me that I disrespect them.

And, more to the point, I've spoken to many American war Veterans, and they've never declared that they saved the world. They've said they were glad to help, and have never shown the arrogance that you clearly show.

Originally Posted by SD Nihil
We've given the most lives, aid, and money to countries. So yeah they should care about our opinion which in our opinion is right.
In your opinion, your opinions are right? I should hope so. Still doesn't mean anyone should give a two-penny damn about them.

Originally Posted by SD Nihil
We were responsible for D day. So I think we did a lot in that war.
Oh, nice of you to disregard the Armed Forces of Great Britain, Canada, Australia, France, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Norway and Poland.

Also, the entire operation was planned by a British General (Sir Frederick Morgan). And the fact that the entire Operation was overseen and commanded by a British Officer has nothing to do with it?

Nice of you to forget those huge war cemetaries dedicated to soldiers who weren't American, too.

Originally Posted by SD Nihil
I think England back then was thankful for us helping them. The French wouldn't be able to assist in rebuilding ifif we didn't liberate them.
I repeat, I have never once said that Britain wasn't thankful to America for their sacrifices during the War. But it does not mean we have to be eternally grateful to Americans, or be your lapdogs.

The only people i'm grateful towards are the likes of Major Richard Winters, and other such veterans who gave so much.

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