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Originally Posted by stoffe View Post
I won't be getting Fracture since I don't have any of the consoles it is released for. If I did I wouldn't base my decision on reviews alone though. It's happened more than once that games turning into immortal classics have received a very shallow reception from reviewers initially (in some cases they've even gone back and changed the reviews afterwards to avoid looking stupid ).

Not saying this necessarily applies to Fracture, but I'd rather form my own opinion by trying the game before buying (if there is a demo or trial version) than rely on someone else to decide for me what is fun or not.

I normally don't like to listen to the mainstream reviews, as most of them are either too high (GTA IV, MGS 4), or too low (Wii Music, Tron 2.0). The best way to decide on whether a game is god is to try it yourself, which unfortunately, is unavailable for me to do with Fracture. **curses LA for not creating a PC version**
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