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How about a new stealth game where you play as an assassin from the empire trying to kill bounty.You can customize your character make your own weapons easily with first person action.You hunt down new Star Wars chracters and go through palaces and towns to get your pay.Also during the game you have to destroy whole space stations and travel through mines and canyons.Also in a multiplayer mode you can play as many star wars characters including-Maw,Jerec,Sarris,Dash Rendar,Mara Jade,Galen Marek,Trebor,Darth
Bane,Kyle Katarn,Darth Vader,Desann,Tavion,Morgan Katarn,Darth Malak,Naga Shadow,
Chewie,Boc,Darth Maul,and Mace Windu.

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Games i'm looking forward to:
-Red Faction Guerrilla
-Fallout New Vegas
-Diablo 3
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