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TSL CTD during "holovid" scene.

Yeah, I've never had this problem before, but every time I come to the scene where they're "replaying" your trial, right when Vrook finishes saying "do you know why we have called you here?" the game freezes and crashes. I've gone over every mod I have installed but it seems to be a problem with the 950cor.rim, but I don't have a "original" one to reinsert when I remove the one that's installed.

I don't really want to uninstall and reinstall and patch and reinstall my mods again. Any suggestions?

I attempted to use one of those TSLPatcher mods that relates to the scene to see if it could fix it, and it simply gives me an error when attempting to edit 905cor.git, so I assume that that's the problem file since the failure to edit it leaves the actual scene in-game unchanged.

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