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I only have .rim files for the 905cor in my Modules folder. I have no idea if I've modded it before. I've browsed through all the mods I've got and haven't found anything that seems to mod 905cor.rim

And i have no idea which .sav file in my "gameinprogress" folder it is, so I deleted all of them, and either my timing is off or it just didn't do anything. I do have a 905cor.rim show up in a "currentgame" folder, but I didn't delete that.

tried deleting that during game, nothing.

Is there any way I can edit the DLG of the Ebon hawk scene immediately before to allow me to skip the whole trial scene?

Reinstalled the whole thing, put the mods I know have never caused this in, since I can't play my saves without most of them, re-tried it, nada.

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