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There are thousands of existence or factual questions, and they are not at all answered in the same way in each case.
I think this sentence is key to what's wrong with his argument: yes, they are answered in the same way. They are answered via observation. How we observe things and what we can draw from those observations does vary, but that does not mean that some other means is used.

Dr. Stein's remark that the question of the existence of God is answered in the same way as any other factual question, mistakenly reduces the theistic question to the same level as the box of crackers in the pantry, which we will hereafter call the crackers in the pantry fallacy.
I just wanted to point out that this itself is a strawman fallacy

Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis
Instead, however, Bahnsen realizes that not all factual statements are to be evaluated by the same standard - something that sounds quite obvious on the face of it, but it's easy to lose track when discussing questions like the existence of God.
Could you expand on your thinking here please?

I'm going to jump ahead here other than to quickly note that I think Bahnsen has read too much William James at some point in his life

Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis
I propose that logic is of the same kind of rule as a stop sign: logic is a human endeavor, is defined by humanity, and cannot be meaningfully separated from it.
I always come back to the idea that 2+2=4 no matter where you go, what language you speak, or what flavor of carbon-based life form you are. Based on what you seem to be suggesting here, 2+2=4 only because that's what we've been conditioned to think. Am I missing something?

Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis
He has "flattened the landscape", so to speak, of the uses of "logic" into a single one - that of his own worldview, and in so doing has presupposed his own argument.
I hate when that happens

Interesting stuff. Thanks for sharing it!
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