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At some point during gameplay, you visit some sort of mammoth computer with a huge database full of details on almost every registered citizen in the Republic. You use this computer to help you track down Revan and the Exile, who were very careful at deleting most details of their identities so as to cover their tracks. As such, you must begin to reconstruct their faces digitally on this computer, and all of the choices presented to you will correspond directly to all of the custom head choices at the beginning of both previous games. Thus, you are able to completely reconstruct Revan's and the Exile's faces as you had them set in the last two games!
that is one *awesome* idea!
IMO they should do anything... as long as they make the plot outrageously, mind blowingly, spine-tinglingly AWE.SOME.
and i personally dont mind if it takes another year,(er, ok maybe not) "just please, LA, make it GOOD!!

mfw I read the Revan novel

it is not a cry of joy.
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