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I've encountered several bugs so far on my 360 version.

1. First time through Felucia, I was going for a holocron down a tunnel to the right of an area where pustules and a storm trooper are waiting for me by the holocron and the storm trooper knocked me into the blister thing and its explosion knocked me through the map wall so I was "behind" the map and couldn't get out. I had to load my game.

2. second bug was on Raxus prime the second time. Again i was trying to get the holocron in the room with the 3 main bridges at the bottom of the elevator. I tried to jump over to the far left bridge and missed, and I landed on a pipe way far below where it should have triggered death like it did after and before. but i was still alive and was able to walk off the pipe and all over the fire down there.

3. One time I loaded the game on the second raxus prime level at the part where you have to overload the 4 things. the menu's were all wigged out. and my character in-game looked like a bald, albino starkiller wearing Jor-El from the first superman movie's gleaming white robes. it was bizzare.

4. this may just be my 360 effing up even though its really new, but the game has locked up on my twice on the raxus prime act 2 level.
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