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^Out of the 80 GB actual size, only 67.4 GB can actually be used.

Vista takes up around 5 GB, so I really only have around 63 gigs to use.

After I get KotOR, the Jedi Knight games, and EaW installed I have even less space left.

Plus I have alot of other apps, (KotOR modding tools take up quite a large amount of space when you have alot of them.) Photoshop and 3DS Max take up quite a lot and so do all the other programs I have installed if you look at them altogther.

Right now, I have 14 GB free, and that's only because I uninstalled Battlefront and Republic Commando.

I'm also the type of guy that has WAY too many files and folders etc.


The fact that it takes up less space is actually part of the reason I want XP back.
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