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Originally Posted by SD Nihil View Post
I haven't read to this point aside from the topic post, but I'll just jump in.

I think KOTOR 3 is like the Return of the King. Meaning it should come full circle. I think that would mean all the characters from both KOTOR 1 and 2 party members will also be in KOTOR 3. But to expand on my thought since there are way too many rules, is it ok to talk in reference to storyline on both KOTOR 1 and 2 for my theories on who else will be in KOTOR3? Thanks.
It'd have to be chars we know couldn't be killed in both games. Which means more chars from TSL than KotOR I. The KotOR I chars could do cameos, but not much more.

KotOR I chars that could show up as party members:
HK-47, T3-M4, Canderous

KotOR II chars that could show up as party members:
Atton Rand, Bao-dur (their paths weren't truely set at the end) The others could either be killed off or their futures were set in stone.
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