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Interesting start here D_Y. Sorry, because I cannot give a more detailed review at the moment. I only had a small amount of time to read before I have to go. That being said however, I do remember noticing some thing.

Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura
I raised my hand to ask the most basic of questions: “The Senate had refused to provide aid to the Outer Rim. Even if we, the Jedi, had chosen to protect those worlds, there was little we could have done against an offensively oriented juggernaut like the Mandalorian Empire. We cannot blame ourselves if there was nothing we could have done to change the outcome.”
Where was the question? All I can pretty much see really is just a statement. I may not be looking hard enough however .. I just woke up, haha.

Time to go. I'll give it a more deeper read later on and I'll make sure I give it the full attention it deserves Yuthura. I always like these stories. This one is no different

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