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Originally Posted by Istorian View Post
Yeah, slightly, in the chin, maybe...Anyway, you've made a great head, Ferc! Can't wait for the release!

I submitted the TSL version to KotORFiles; It should be up soon.

Originally Posted by General Shazzle View Post
The guy looks really sleepy in those pictures...
Meh; That's the game's fault not mine. The head models never stay in the same pose for more than a few secs at a time.

Anyways, I've now started to actually work on a previously personal mod. (Which I now plan to fix and release. ) I call it Kreia Unhooded. I'm still converting her old good/evil "clothes" into a Jedi Robe which will serve as her clothing. The only thing I have to show at the moment is her head. I realize that I still have to do a little touch up on some areas, but it's mostly done.

Kreia Unhooded
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