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Originally Posted by Mr_BFA View Post
Where was the question? All I can pretty much see really is just a statement. I may not be looking hard enough however .. I just woke up, haha.

Time to go. I'll give it a more deeper read later on and I'll make sure I give it the full attention it deserves Yuthura. I always like these stories. This one is no different
You were more aware in the morning than I was mid day. I will correct that and any little flaws I missed.

If you've read 'Shrouded in Darkness,' this story will take much after that. The most significant differences would be that there is a definite ending for this and I am trying to write a completely different fiction than SiD which addresses more about war, politics, leadership, and ethics. I intend to have a timeframe that ends shortly after Malachor V.

I also don't intend to demonize Atris, so that will be a huge step for me. If you have any questions or requests, I'm open to them. Thanks for... skimming.
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