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meh. Took me some time to get back on this. Got 5 new chapters in stock now though!

About Juma Juice and Twilek girls
Jormin walked into one of the many bars that sired the entertainment section of this part of Nar Shaddaa. Walking straight for the bar, he noticed several people looking at him. The usual stuff. No Sith troopers.
“Well young man. What can I do for you?”
The old Zeltron bartender looked at him with an expecting smile.
“Well, a Tarisian ale would be..” Jormin tried, before being interrupted by the bartender:
“Taris is blocked right now. We don’t ca't import it these days.”
“Ah. Sith happens. One shot of Juma it is then.” Jormin replied.

“Sith happens? Brave words for such a pretty and young man.”
Jormin instantly knew who was talking to him. Seer’aa, one of the Twin Sun twins. Beautiful Twilek girls. Beautifully skilled in assassination too.
“Ah, hello Seer’aa. Where’s your lovely sister Teer’aa?” Jormin asked.
“Too bad. Can’t the little human and I have some fun together without my sister knowing?”
The Twilek said, while slowly walking closer to Jormin.

“Ah. But your usual definition of ‘fun’ is assassinating someone. And…all fair and square, but I’m not ready to die yet. I still have memoirs to write you know.” Jormin quipped.
“You’re a strange human. Coming here into this dangerous bar. This bounty will be easy to collect” She angrily whispered.
Jormin slowly turned around, now facing the Twilek.
“Let me finish my Juma, okay?” He asked.
He slowly turned around again. What were his options? She would lure him into this fight. Kill him. And no-one on this bar would stand up for Jormin. It would be a ‘fight between drunk people’ for the authorities.
“Jormin Antilles, I’m here to arrest you in the name of the Sith empire!”
Jormin quickly turned around. Seer’aa was shocked by the sudden arrival of the Sith commander and his crew. They stood in the opening of the door, blaster rifles aimed.
“Step away from the suspect, Miss!” The commander shouted.
“You’re lucky this time. But know this: Even in prison, you aren’t safe. You’re lucky you are wanted alive. Otherwise you would have been dead already. Stay lucky, pretty human…”
She stepped away from Jormin and quickly blended with the crowd who now made a path for the Sith soldiers to approach Jormin.
The commander, flanked by two soldiers, walked towards Jormin. The other four soldiers remained near the entrance, to ensure no-one would do anything stupid.

Jormin knew it was over. His detailed report about the situation of Nar Shaddaa would never reach the Republic.
The Sith commander grabbed some energy handcuffs from the utility belt that was wrapped around his red armor. He pushed Jormin with his face towards the bar and pulled his hand behind his back.
He then put on the handcuffs.
“Jormin Antilles, you are hereby arrested for the..”
But Jormin interrupted him:
“Could you read the whole list please?” He smiled.
The commander bashed Jormins face into the bar, Jormin felt the blood dripping out of his nose. It was broken. The commander went on:
“Shut up. You are arrested for espionage, treason, stealing a speeder, driving far too hard with aforementioned speeder, driving into a group of Sith soldiers with, again, aforementioned speeder and fleeing the site of that crime with, once more, the now damaged speeder.”
Jormin laughed:
“I did send them ‘I hope you’re back soon’ holo’s when they were in Medbay. Does that give me any credit?”
The Sith dragged him out and placed him in the back of a large army speeder. They then entered the speeder themselves. Two soldiers sat next to him on the bench and two others sat on the opposite side.
There was no way to escape. He started talking to the Sith on his left.
“You know, the guy to my right thinks you stink.”
The Sith troopers didn’t move a muscle.
“That you stink of fear.” Jormin tried.
The trooper slowly moved his head to the right.
“Pff. For a lousy spy like you? Not in a million…”

All hell broke loose. A blue beam of light came down from the ceiling, hitting the trooper on his shoulder. Seconds later, a circle of metal with molten edges dropped down. The speeder alarms were ringing. The Sith troopers all aimed for the hole in the ceiling, waiting for their attacker. Jormin kept still, pushing himself to the wall behind him.
All of a sudden, another molten circle flew through the compartment, this time from the back of the vehicle, where the entry ramp was. Two of the troopers were crushed between the wall separating the cockpit from the prison compartment and the molten metal.
The two remaining Sith fired on the hole in the back while crying for back-up.
Jormin could feel the commander, who was the pilot as well, was trying to land the vehicle. The speeder made a sharp dive, and the Sith troopers, who weren’t chained to the bench like Jormin, fell down.
The attacker took his chance and dropped down the ceiling hole. Jormin couldn’t see the face of the attacker because of the red alarm lights and emergency sprinklers.
The attacker turned around and quickly deflected the blaster fire back to the Sith troopers. The bolts were aimed perfectly and hit the two Sith in the chest.
The attacker turned around and lifted his lightsaber up to deal the killing blow.
“At least my death will be painless. And damn, what an irony.” Jormin thought.

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