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There's also the fixes Team Gizka originally put up while we were waiting for TSLRP to come out, but have now mostly removed (not sure why they did that, considering they are taking a gazillion years with TSLRP). They still have a couple up here though -

I have all the ones they no longer make available. Send me a PM if you want them and I'll email them to you.

Dxun Equation Puzzle Fix
Escaped Criminals Quest Fix
Fuel For Telos Quest Fix
Handmaiden Training Cutscene Fix
Hidden Compartment Fix
Jedi Master Rendezvous Fix
Mira Spacesuit Fix
Skippable Mebla Dialogue Fix
Starport Visa Trade Fix
Telos Academy Imprisonment Cutscene Fix
Visas Teaches Force Sight Fix

EDIT: Oh, and don't forget the official HQ media patches - (although I probably wouldn't bother with the HQ movie patch if you don't have a monitor with a native res of either 1600x1200 or 1680x1050)

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