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ah yes, protein folding.
ive heard of this before: they form parts for fully working complex cell machines that carry out many tasks within a cell. dna(which i think scientists say is the most efficient thing for information storage in the known universe) is read and building info is copied into a special strand which is taken by cell machines to a cell "manufacturing plant"
where the strand is deciphered and the instructions are followed to form a protein strand which (most of the time) folds perfectly into machine parts.
i saw this in a dvd a while ago. this process also happens to be kryptonite for
the theory of natural selection AFAIK. something that darwin acknowledged himself. as a christian, to me its all evidence of intelligent design and the mind blowing mind blowingness of my God.
but anyway, im interested in joining. but i dont know how well ill do:
the computer in question is an intel core 2 duo t7250 2.0ghz with an nVidia GeForce 8400M GS graphics card. its a laptop. i go on it for about on average 3 hours a day.
also, ive heard that constant use of the cpu will wear it out faster. is this true? also about the downloading/uploading. how big are the download/uploads?
id have to know these things before i can consider joining. which id like to do.
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