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Originally Posted by tk102 View Post
Elohim, the name given to God in many books of the Old Testament is assumed by many to be the plural for of Eloah (strong, powerful one), thus the plural pronouns are used in translation. Some believe Elohim may be a Israelite modification of the Canaanite word elim (strengths, or angels) in the same way Abram became Abraham. Either way, the -im suffix is typically construed as plural though the case of Elohim may have been meant as singular.

I find the word eloquent because it suggests unity and multiplicity in coexistence.
Elohim (gods)
In the Levantine pantheon, the Elohim are the sons of El the ancient of days (olam) assembled on the divine holy place, Mount Zephon (Jebel Aqra). This mountain, which lies in Syria, was regarded as a portal to its heavenly counterpart. The Elohim are ruled by the El called Hadad the most high (elyon) who was known among the common people as "the master" ("Baal"). Assembled on the holy mountain of heaven and ruled by one, the pantheon (Elohim) acts as one. The enemy of the Elohim is Yam whom El also created.
I had no idea that the word was translated in that manner.
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