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Originally Posted by Arcesious View Post
Everybody loves fallacies... But I think it is reasonable to allow some fallacies to fly. (Within limit)
Stating that everyone loves fallacies is fallacious. I can't imagine Achilles, for example, ever saying such a thing (and to be clear, that's a good thing--I don't want anyone reading anything negative into that, please.)

Which fallacies should fly, by the way? Yours? Mine? Someone else's? What limits shall we apply? Yours? Mine? Someone else's? Does this really sound reasonable to you?

The very origin of the universe becomes a metaphysical issue. Time and space, the physical aspects of our universe as we know it (albeit woefully incompletely), were created at the point of the Big Bang. The point where we discuss how that singularity came into being to create the Big Bang becomes a metaphysical one, because there's no way we can prove it scientifically because the laws of physics, and therefore the scientific method, don't start working until a fraction of a second after the Big Bang occurs. String theory and other non-theistic explanations for the singularity origin become nothing more than metaphysics at that point. Like it or not, there are going to be some metaphysical questions and metaphysical answers that science will never be able to answer, Arcesious.

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