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Originally Posted by Arcesious View Post
Was that sarcastic or something else?
No--wasn't meant to be sarcastic--sorry for the confusion on that.
Originally Posted by Arcesious
Sounds interesting... I could wiki it, but I'd prefer a good source to learn about those things...
Wiki's a good starting point--then check some of the sources listed. Any good basic text on Big Bang theory should get you started.
Originally Posted by Arcesious
I think I phrased that part wrong. I should have said: "We should strictly self-regulate our arguments against big inductive fallacies when debating."
Define 'big inductive fallacies'. At what size do they become acceptable?

Originally Posted by Arcesious
True, unless if you'd like to argue about probability too...
Took that in college, too. What would you like to know?

Originally Posted by Arcesious
If some 'fallacies' in an argument make it make sense, it's either a good argument or just a bad argument,
Wouldn't you prefer an argument without fallacies?

Originally Posted by Arcesious
Yeah I don't know physics beyond what I've displayed what I know, really... I would gladly welcome it if you could explain it to me so that I can avoid making an ignorant argument about physics...
Pick up a beginning physics book at the school library--there's a lot more than I could cover in a post and it would be off topic for this thread.

Originally Posted by Arcesious
This must be one of the most annoying arguments for you to hear, but:

How can you assume God created the universe? Before the Big Bang, at this time, as you've been saying, we don't know and can't know what happened.
I think I covered that with you in a PM months ago, and that belongs in one of the origins threads anyway.

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