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Originally Posted by Jae Onasi View Post
No--wasn't meant to be sarcastic--sorry for the confusion on that.
Wiki's a good starting point--then check some of the sources listed. Any good basic text on Big Bang theory should get you started.
Define 'big inductive fallacies'. At what size do they become acceptable?

Took that in college, too. What would you like to know?
Well it's not so much that it's hard to understand the theory about how it happened- it's the math that is used when explaining it...

Wouldn't you prefer an argument without fallacies?
Doesn't every argument have some sort of a fallacy in one form or another, whether subtle or problematic?

Pick up a beginning physics book at the school library--there's a lot more than I could cover in a post and it would be off topic for this thread.
The very basics I know, but I do probably have a couple things confused. All the things about physics I have read about make sense to me for the most part, it's just the when it comes to the math of those things... I end up having no clue what is being said if it's anwhere beyond the level of mathematical comprehension of a student taking Algebra 1.

I think I covered that with you in a PM months ago, and that belongs in one of the origins threads anyway.
I don't quite remember that beyond a bunch of recommendations to Ravi Zacharias... I think that the arguments being made simply didn't convince me.

Please feed the trolls. XD
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