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Seriously, if Canon Sue ever applied anywhere, it applies to Revan. The only worse ones I can think of are Eragon and Edward Cullen.
sure, revan can be taken any way. cause thats how he was designed- very adaptable.
this makes anyone make him ideal in their own eyes. the writers will probably cut down his sue-ness sometime. but i dont know... they can do it for pre amnesiac k1 revan easily, but post amnesiac revan will be dangerous territory. unless they want to go canonize him, which they seem to *not* want to do. and if they make revan a certain way, it will undoubtedly make some fans ticked off and that endangers the moolah. maybe it'll happen when they think they've milked kotor enough.
i personally like revan because he was canonized lightside. now when you 'step out' of kotor, and see the PC saying all those lightside options, you get a personality for him. its the same when you do it with dark side. but i never got the 'REVAN IS AWESOME' thing from k2. all i got was a little conversation with kreia explaining what happened to him. maybe its there, but i didnt feel it. i wonder how they'll handle him.
i wonder if they ever will. but heck, *i* (being revan fan) wouldnt mind either way

mfw I read the Revan novel

it is not a cry of joy.
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