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Chapter 1- To Katarr

"Please, will you just listen to me?" Javen pleaded. "I didn't ask for this! While I may be..."

"Javen, just shut up. And no, I don't care if your new 'guard' will hurt me." Semala said, in a strained voice. "Mandalorians destroyed and ravaged my homeworld!"

"But I'm NOT a Mandalorian!" Javen continued. "My... father hired them to protect me, I don't want them here any more than you do! Is it my fault that I just found out that my father is sypathetic to the Mandalorians?"

"Yes, it is." Semala said, sarcastically. "If you had chosen your family righ-"

"That's not very fair." Grand Mistress Kanna said, interrupting the argument. "You and I both know that it is impossible for someone to choose their family. Oh, and Javen... your father sent you something else too." Kanna held up a small package.
Javen rolled his eyes, but took the package, and opened it. He sighed at the item inside and pulled it out, and let it dangle on two fingers. "Well, it certainly explains a lot." He said, frowning. "But it doesn't explain why he's so... keen to Mandalorians."
Semala jumped back, in surprise. "You... your a... a..." She couldn't finish the sentence, she just gazed at the solid gold crown that was dangling off Javen's fingers.
"I'm an Onderonian prince... yes." Javen said, rather indifferent. "Master Kanna, do you know why he's become so obsessed with me, as of late?"
"Unfortunately Javen, I do not... if you would like, you might be able to convince one of the seers of Katarr." Kanna replied. "However, they keep their seers hidden, so it might be a little difficult for you to find one." Javen sighed, but looked determined to find out why. Kanna took the crown from his fingers and placed it upon his head. "You would do wise to claim your title, create a slight bit of peace with the Jedi Order and your Homeworld. Ever since your ancestors have ruled, the Jedi Order has gotten quite... upset with Onderon. If a Jedi were to befriend the Onderonians, I believe that it would stop the Order from trying to sap the Force from all of their Sensitives." Javen sighed again, but nodded, understanding. "Would you like me to have a ship awaiting your trip to Katarr?"

"Yes, Grand Mistress, if you would. I don't want my 'guards' to be following me though, so if you would please not speak of this to anyone, unless you know that they wouldn't tell anyone else." Javen said.
Kanna nodded and said silently, "The ship will be ready for take off in an hour."

"TK-713, please transmit a message to Onderon." Javen said, when he had boarded the ship. The tiny droid beeped and went to the communcations center, Javen followed. The droid had the holo-link going in less than fifteen seconds. Javen stood in an erect position.
Soon, a hologram military general stood in front of Javen. He had long black hair, that had gray speckles in it. His eyes were a light gray-ish color, and he was very pale, as though he hadn't seen light in a couple of months. He had purple circles under his eyes, and his nose looked like it didn't quite fit his face. "Who are you and what do you want?" The general barked, in a harsh tone.
"I am Javen Light, of the Jedi Order. I wish to speak to the king of Onderon." Javen said, raising his chin a little higher.
"Under what authority? What have we done?" The man asked.
"You have done nothing to the Republic, I just wish to speak with the king." Javen replied.
"The king is busy, he has no time for those types of pleasantries." The man said, forcefully and disconnected the link.

Javen shrugged. "Don't worry about it any more TK. I'll deal with it later."

The tiny astromech droid beeped. Javen smiled, and walked towards the cockpit of the ship. He looked out over the scene, five Nemoidians were running to the engine room, three humans were steering the ship, and the captain of the ship came rushing up to meet Javen.

“Master Jedi, sir. I am Capitan Leah Wolffe.” The captain said, in a soprano voice. She wore Onderonian guard clothes, which surprised Javen, she had wavy blonde hair, that fell just past her shoulders. She had sharp, vibrant blue eyes, and was around medium height, her skin looked as though it were made from the finest of porcelain. And behind her petite appearance, was the attitude one would expect from an aristocratic family.

Javen smiled, warmly at her. “Hello, I am Javen Light. And you don’t have to call me Master Jedi, I’m hardly a Jedi yet anyway. Tell me, are you from Onderon?”

Leah smiled at him, and shook her head. “No, I’m from Taris. However, I chose to wear these… clothes for your sake.” Javen raised an eyebrow, but kept his mouth closed. “Grand Mistress Jeena Kanna told me that you were from Onderon. And so, I thought I’d make you feel a little more at home.”

Javen nodded, somewhat distracted and asked, “When do we jump to Katarr? Time is of the essence and I have limited resources at my demands, as of right now.” Javen sifted through his pack, glancing up occasionally at Leah.

“We will jump as soon as you are ready.” Leah said, somewhat flabbergasted at Javen’s bluntness. “However, I feel compelled to tell you that our hyper drive has malfunctioned as of right now, and our mechanics are rushing to fix that problem. So, you probably don’t want to be ready for another hour or so.” Javen nodded solemnly and stood up, shouldering his pack. “Would you like me to show you to your room?” Leah asked.

Javen nodded, while saying, “So what brought you to Dantooine to pilot for the Jedi? Surely you would much rather be at home with your family, I would if I could be in a situation that allowed it.” Leah’s eyes started to shine brightly, with tears. “You don’t have to answer that, if you don’t want to.” Javen said, much more softer.

Leah shook her head, and started walking forward. “I just don’t know you that well, maybe when and if I can get to trust you, then we’ll talk.” She blinked the tears out of her eyes, and opened a door for Javen. “This will be your room while you are aboard. It’s certainly not extravagant by any means, but it’s comfortable.”

Javen stepped through the large doorway, observing the irksome, lifeless room. The room was a dull color of gray, there were no embellishments anywhere in the room. The bed’s blanket was a blatant green color. Most of the light fixtures had gone out, and so the light source was merely candlelight. Javen shrugged, though it was a completely tasteless room, it had certain qualities of being tranquil and calmness that appealed to him.

Leah blushed, embarrassed and said, “I’m sorry we don’t have anything more… appealing than this room. This is the most extravagant room in the entire ship.”

Javen blinked, and turned to look at her. “It’s no problem, it’s quite calm and tranquil. Which is all I really care about anyway. I need peace while I meditate, and this room provides a certain air of…” He trailed off, looking out the window. The bright white stars twinkled and winked at him. He smiled to himself, and set down his pack.

Leah coughed, and muttered, “If there is anything that you need, just tell me, and I’ll make sure you get it right away.” She turned and left the room, as quietly as she could. The doors closed silently behind her.

Javen sat in the middle of the floor, and was going through his pack again, only this time, he found something that he hadn’t expected to… a holocron. He pulled it out, and accidentally activated it. A hologram of Freedon Nadd, the Sith Lord and his ancestor, leaped out at him. Javen dropped the holocron and jumped up, landing on his feet a few feet away from where he was previously sitting.

“Who is it that seeks my knowledge?” The holocron asked, with quite a bit static. “I can no longer see… state your name, or be-” The holocron cut off it’s sentence.

“My name is Javen Light, Jedi apprentice and heir to the Onderonian throne.” Javen said, confidently. “And you are nothing but a piece of scrap metal. Holocrons can do nothing, and his Force Ghost was destroyed years ago by his apprentice, Exar Kun. So don’t even try and threaten me.”

The hologram flashed twice. “I see.” It’s mechanical voice said, weakly. “What is it you wish to learn, child. I can teach you a lot.”

“I don’t wish to learn anything from you, O dark one.” Javen said, throwing a heavy metal ball from his belt at the off switch. The hologram remained standing for four or five seconds, then faltered and was dragged back into the abyss it had come from. “I’ve gotta remind myself to get rid of this thing.” Javen said, to himself.

Javen settled himself back down on the floor and reached out with the Force, concentrating on nothing, and yet at the same time, everything.

“Javen, we are approaching Katarr.” Leah said, entering the room.

Javen jerked his head up, and opened his eyes. “Good, about how long until we can land?” Javen asked, as he began to twiddle his thumbs.

“An hour at most, sir.” She replied, smiling a bit.

“Excellent!” Javen said. He jumped up, grabbed Leah’s arm, and pulled her to the cockpit. “This ought to be interesting. Having to find one of the last of a long forgotten race.” Javen smiled slightly. “The Miralukans are interesting creatures, and very reliable if you befriend one.”

Leah stiffened. “The Miraluka? I thought Darth Nilhus wiped them all out…”

Javen smiled, slightly. “No, he wiped out one colony, not the entire race. However, they have been dying out ever since then. Katarr was the largest colony, and contained almost seventy percent of the race. When they died, the others realized that they would die out, just like the Mandalorians.” Leah inclined her head in a sort of way to say, oh, silly me. “Katarr looks so… desolate, even after the Republic ‘repaired’ it.”

“Master Jedi, they have cleared us to land. We can land whenever it pleases you.” A man to the side of the cockpit said.

Javen nodded, “Alright, let’s land. I have things that need to be attended to as soon as possible."

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