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If people say Revan is cool in KOTOR 1, then the same thing applies to Jedi Exile in KOTOR 2, right?
actually, no! i have both games. but i'm not an exile fan. i mean, she's cool, but my preference is revan. i've also played jedi academy, but im not a jaden korr fan. i prefer kyle katarn. and its not because of the 'character that got in first', because i played jedi outcast way after i played academy. (and i used to absolutely *love* JA. i dont anymore FYI)
Did you EVER talk to Kreia, JIGOS? Half her conversations are crap like

"Revan was like staring into the Heart of the Force"

"Revan beat them all"

"Revan never truly fell"

Meanwhile, I want to do a flying spin-kick into my own characters face and tear it clean off just so I can get her to shut up.
lol! i just took it as, 'well. now i know how it happened'. more than anything, i got it from k1. what, with all that about canderous long talks of revan's military genius, all the masters in the enclave commenting on how incredibly talented the PL is, and bastila thinking she pales in comparison to revan in her mind.
Revan's overrated. I like Malak.
malak looks SO much better with hair! is it confirmed how he lost his jaw? cause there's that ol joke that he lost his jaw trying to shave with his lightsaber. have you heard his last name?

mfw I read the Revan novel

it is not a cry of joy.
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