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Originally Posted by Bee Hoon View Post
I found those two a little awkward, and I wonder why they seem to consciously adopt such body language. It detracts from how...sincere they are.

An interesting viewpoint on the war, and I hope to see why Alexandra and Malak/Alek disliked each other from the start;p
You would find that politicians and officers often show body language that is not what they actually feel in order to display their message more than if they verbally gave it. Alexandra will clue into subtle signs that she gives and is given now and again because it's the only to articulate the difference between a character's beliefs and words. It will not happen often, but I want to emphasize how significant the smallest gesture can be in dialog.

I'm still considering what topics I want to address and what direction this fiction will take. As of now, I'm focusing on showing how ALL the characters change throughout the course of the war. I will likely not have many familiar characters, but I will include Bao-Dur and Master Kavar as fairly significant on top of various OC's.

Chapter two is near completion.
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